7 Things You Can Do To Have The WORST Interview

The best feeling when you are searching for a job is receiving the phone call or email saying you have been selected for an interview.  Congratulations, you have passed the first step!  Now comes the hard part; now you need to go in for the interview to convince a complete stranger that they should select you for a position.  Try to relax and be yourself, but be careful, you don’t want to be the next “nightmare” interview everyone is talking about that next day.  Here is a list of 7 things that have happened to me during my time interviewing that have made want to walk out of the interview. 

Arrive late – It is an accomplishment to be selected for an interview, so don’t lose an opportunity because you arrived late.  If you don’t know where you are going use MapQuest to locate the building, or just call the office and ask for directions.  If you still don’t feel comfortable with where you are going take a test drive; go check it out the day before the interview to ensure you know where you are going.  Leave early to give yourself time in case there is traffic or construction.  I understand things happen, but if something comes up and you can’t make it to the interview call right away to let the office know, hopefully they will let you reschedule.

Bad-mouth your previous manager/co-workers – This makes me question your loyalty and integrity, is that what you are going to say about my company when you leave?  Also, it seems like you are just blaming things on other people rather than taking responsibility for your own actions.  Your previous co-workers are your scapegoats for why you are no longer at the company.

Ask no questions or come unprepared – When I give you a chance to ask me some questions, ask!  If you say you have no questions it comes across like you don’t care or you didn’t do any research ahead of time.  Come with 2-3 questions and this shows you really are interested in the position.

Tell inappropriate jokes or make advances at me – Interviews are stressful and sometimes you won’t know how to fill a silence, but please do not tell a joke that you wouldn’t feel comfortable telling your mother.  Even though the joke may be very funny, an interview is not the right place.  Also, PLEASE do not ask for my phone number as your question at the end of the interview, that’s just awkward for both of us.

Answer “I don’t know” to 9 of the 12 questions asked – This shows me that either you don’t know how to articulate an answer or you don’t really care about the job.  You don’t have to answer the questions right away, stop and think about the answer, we are not in a rush.

Lie during the interview or on your application – Be honest at all times.  You may have the best interview and be the best qualified candidate, but if I find out you lied I will not select you.  I can Google your name and find out the truth so be upfront with me.

An interview is very subjective so if you do something to annoy, upset or just tick the interviewer off, you can be sure you will not be selected for the job.  Think before you speak and be professional. 

Have any tips for what not to do in an interview, please feel free to comment.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Great advice Britt! Usually, advice is not clearly articulated as to what NOT to do specifically. Great flip side!


  2. Great Blog this is something that i’m really going to take into consideration! I agree with your points


  3. Great Blog! I know for me, I get really nervous before an interview. Being myself and asking questions have seemed to helped me in the past! I also liked the tip about finding the location early or get the right directions! There’s nothing worse than being late to an interview simply because you didn’t know the exact location.

    Kendra Slate


    • @Mackenzieraeheys Thanks I’m glad you liked it. @Travell Thanks I hope it helps during your next interview. @Kendraslate I agree, sometimes I still get nervous too, but being yourself is definitely best, because you want them to like you for who you are.


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