Is That Really The Right Job For You?…

In this economy, where jobs are hard to come by, some job seekers “settle” for the first available position.  Sometimes this is for good reason; bills need to be paid and the individual can’t be too picky waiting for their dream job to open up.  The problem becomes how long these people will stay in the positions they forced themselves into.  How do you judge whether a company is the best fit for you?

It is important first and foremost to ensure the company you are choosing to work for shares your core values and beliefs.  You don’t want to get into a position and then realize your goals and underlying principles do not align.  So ask questions; every interviewer should allow you some time to ask some questions, so use your time wisely and ask questions about the company culture, goals and objectives, and overall values.  If you do not ask these questions from the start you, and the company, will be highly disappointed upon realizing you really weren’t a good fit for the position. 

During your alloted time for questions, be sure to also ask about specific tasks and functions for the job you are applying for.  Again, this helps reduce surprises once you are in the position.  Sometimes the job descriptions you see in the paper or on the internet are quite vague and don’t clearly describe exactly what will be expected of you.  It is important to get a clear set of expectations for the job so you know if you have the skills needed, if the job will be challenging enough for you and the type of impact your job will have on the rest of the company.  Leave the interview with as much information as possible, allowing you to make the most educated decision on whether or not you would like to accept the position.

But before you accept or decline a position, try to picture yourself waking up every morning going to that job.  Does it excite you?  How about does it make you feel depressed?  When you come in for the interview, speak with the receptionist at the front, say hi to people as you leave; these will be the people you will be working with everyday.  If the other individuals in the office seem supportive, friendly, hardworking, and motivated, then that can be taken into consideration as you make your decision. 

If you have a bad feeling when you leave the interview, don’t force it.  Certain aspects of a company just can’t be changed, so if they don’t seem right for you then look elsewhere.  As I stated about, if you force yourself into a job without the proper preparation, I can guarantee you won’t last very long.  Going through the application/interviewing process is not easy, so take the proper steps so you don’t have to do it more than necessary. 

Not only does the company need to analyze and critique the candidates, the candidates need the analyze and critique the company.  Find the best fit for you.


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